Thursday, August 28, 2014

Preparing for House Cleaning

Do you remember Saturday mornings when everyone in the house had to get up early to take part in cleaning up?  Okay, if that wasn't the case in your house, for sure you had chores to do! I was so happy to get my allowance, that I actually grew to enjoy cleaning up the house!  My Mom was the best at house cleaning, so cleaning up is second nature to me.  Especially, my bedroom.  That was an everyday ritual. I'm thankful for the lessons in cleaning that my Mom instilled in me and because of what she taught me, my home gets a cleaning treatment every weekend! 

I'll be blogging the basics to house cleaning, how to's, and tips on ways you can cut corners when cleaning.  I'll also share information on making your own natural cleaning products. I'll be building this section of my blog for the next few days and then I'll move on to my decorating ideas I want to share with you.  Gotta have a clean house first!   Thanks for stopping by and keep following!