Monday, August 25, 2014


Welcome to
Hi there and after weeks of tweeting about the development phases of my new blog, I'm happy to say , "whew"'s finally here!  It's still a work in progress, as I continually build on the empty pages and like any other blog, it's a day to day thing, that's what makes blogging so much fun!  I'll be coming to you with information to look for as I begin to share "how to" details, helpful tips and ideas on decorating, cleaning, organizing, DIY projects, crafting, entertaining and so much more!  Be sure to read "More About Me", a special page on my blog called "Corner LOFT101", the Logistics of decorating, planning a project and the value of a Vision Board. I have to admit, I'm actually a "wanna be blogger" for now, but confident that I will get better as time goes on (lol).  Yes, even I continue to introduce myself to new things!  Blogging is a new thing for me,  for sure,  but I'm taking it on because I want to try something new and I love writing as much as I love decorating!  That's what LOFT101 is about, introducing new things and challenging you to come out of your comfort zone.  Maybe you are someone that is really reserved, kind of basic and likes simple things, well, my blog will dare you to to be different!  Paint that room in bold colors because it will be beautiful, "go green" and begin to learn how you can clean your house with natural cleaning products that you can make yourself! I challenge you.  I encourage you to take a leap of faith.  I'll take it with you as I become the best blogger I can be!  Thank you so much for stopping by, keep following and welcome again to!