Saturday, September 20, 2014

Cleaning Tip: Best Cleaning Product Ever!

Ok..this post is cleaning at its best!  This is the best house cleaning product we have worked with.  Here's why I think it is so great. 

The last few months, we have had numerous contractors, builders and all of the above related to home construction, park in our driveway when visiting with us for an appointment.  One day, we noticed that the driveway had a lot of oil leaks on it and they looked horrible!  We tried every cleaning product we owned and nothing would get the stains out.  We even tried letting cat litter sit on the spots to possibly help with absorbing the oil.  Nothing worked...EXCEPT for this, Resolve Max Spray and Wash!  It's really made for laundry but one day I said, "we should just try this and see if it works."  I figured that if it takes stains out of clothes and I've even used it on my carpet, then it might work on concrete!  

So, this is what we did:  We sprayed it on all of the oil stains in the driveway, let it sit for 24 hours and the next day the spots had turned light white and you could actually see where we sprayed the product.  Next, we took our water hose spout and changed it to the power washing indicator and started spraying away at each spot.  You have to be careful when you use the power washing selection because you don't want to damage your concrete.  After we finished each section, we had to wait until it dried thoroughly to see if it worked. 

Low and behold, it worked!  It was amazing!  The spots were totally gone, for real, we could not see a trace of the oil spots!  Oil stains are tough to get out of anything and this product worked liked new money, on our new driveway and we are raving about it to the world!  You have to try it, if you have this similiar works!  Let me know if it works for your comments on this page ;-)!