Saturday, September 6, 2014

Creating Your Quiet Place

Ok, here I go, "introducing you to something new, that I do".  It works and its necessary, for me.  Try it..

I have a confession!  I know you don't really care :-) but I love this little floral plant.  It has such a purpose of peace in my life.  It's not a real plant but it's so pretty.  It will have a place in my Office when I finish the Office Project.  Yes, it's overflow (read more about my definition for overflow on my Projects tab)...haha!  I'm guilty.  I just enjoy sitting in my quiet place looking at it because it's one of my favorite colors.  Do you have a quiet place? Well, if not, I hope you create a quiet place soon and have something pretty like my flower, that you can gaze at.  If not, get something that you really like and can appreciate!  Creating your quiet place is so important and everyone should allow themselves a moment that is their own.  A moment is a brief period of time, an instant or split second.  Surely, you deserve that!  Find the time to take it.  Let everything else wait for that moment and enjoy the silence...