Thursday, September 18, 2014

DIY Craft Project: Bath Time in a Jar

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How sweet this is!  This DIY craft project is everything you need to create the perfect bath time experience.  It consist of a mason jar, wash pouf, mini spa spoon, small candle (in a jar), gift tag and a ribbon.  This is a winner for any occasion!  Take some "me time" and relax.   Host a "pamper me" party and make one for each of the ladies attending.  They will absolutely love it!  It also makes the perfect table setting for guest attending a bridal shower or engagement party. 

I decorated a bridal shower and made one of these for each place setting and on the gift tags, I added the names of each guest.  This saved on the cost for separate guest cards and at the same time it made the room brighten up with beauty.  I created white ones, at the client's request but no matter what colors you choose, it will look beautiful! 

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Here we go...It's easy, quick and I show you "how to" DIY, in 4 steps!
Ok, here's what you need:  a wash pouf, a mason jar (remove the middle lid, you won't need it), a plastic miniature spoon, 7.5 oz scented candle, gift tag and ribbon.

Place wash pouf in jar.

Add miniature spoon.

Add candle on top.

Add gift tag and ribbon.