Sunday, September 21, 2014

DIY: Shelving and Lining Your Pantry Closet

Kitchen pantry closets come in all sizes and somehow no matter how much space there is, its never enough!  I've found, from experience, if you don't have enough space in your pantry for organizing your items used on a daily basis, then this closet just becomes a catch all for everything else.  It won't stay neat because you won't be able to find what you are looking for. More than likely, you will rebuy something you already have because its hidden under something else. 
After getting tired of not having enough space, we decided to add additional shelves to our pantry closet.  The holes on the side panels for fasteners, were already there, so that gave us a great head start.  The process was fairly easy, with the help of Lowe's Home Improvement.  We removed one of the shelves we had and took it to Lowes to have additional shelves cut in the same size.  The board we had cut was large enough for us to get more than enough shelving, with extra left over for another project.
We then picked out the shelf fasteners, shelving paper and double sided tape.  Check out below to see how easy this DIY project was and how we saved a ton of money taking this project on for ourselves rather than ordering additional shelves from the cabinet company.  You can do it too and the money you save can be used for another project.  DIY and have fun!
Courtesy of Lowe's:  Board was cut in half in two separate pieces.
Coutesy of Lowe's:  Sliding the board in machine to prepare for cutting.
Courtesy of Lowe's:  The cutting begins and it looks like we will get three shelves out of half of this board.  We have the other half left for another project.
Perfect DIY installation!  
Now, here's what you need to line your shelves: Contact liner, double sided tape and scissors.*Shelf fastener is also shown, for your awareness.
Measure the Contact liner so that it fits on the shelf from one side to the other, leaving a little overflap hanging on the edge.

Next, slit both corners.

This is what your final overflap should look like. 
Place a piece of double sided tape across the edge of the flap, from one side to another.
Fasten the flap underneath the bottom of your shelf. 

Cover back part of the shelf by cutting a piece of liner that measures the width & length across.

Place double sided tape across, on one edge.
Now, lay the edge of the liner that has the tape on it, directly on top of the edge of the other piece of liner that is already on the shelf. It should blend in very well.  You will slightly see where you connected the two pieces.  However, if you use a patterned Contact liner, you will need to match the pattern on both pieces when putting it in place.

You're done!  This is what your final product should look like.  Easy, right?  Now repeat these same steps, to line the remaining shelves.  Great job!!