Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Glimmery Glittery Gift Bags

Courtesy of:  Over 175 Great Ideas for Clever Crafters
This DIY101 project is one that you can do alone or have fun with your kids creating something that is easy to do!  I found this craft idea in an old craft book I had sitting around when cleaning out my office space and thought it would be a great DIY project to share.  It’s  simple and requires ordinary brown paper bags that you will transform into glimmering gift bags when you decoupage them with torn pieces of crumbled tissue paper and follow with applying metallic paint with a dry brush.  Radiant wired ribbon creates stunning bows, and shiny twisted wire trim provides for the ornamental handles that make this gift bag economical, functional and fun to make.   
Enjoy and be sure to post a comment on this page of how well your project came out!

What you need:

White tissue paper

Brown paper bags (lunch size and grocery size brown bags)

Decoupage Glue

Foam Brush

Gold and Silver Acrylic Paint


Wired Ribbon

Hot Glue Gun

Wire Cutters

Wired Trim

Glitter (optional)

*Note:  Allow paint to dry after each application. Use decoupage glue for all gluing unless otherwise indicated.

1.   For each bag, tear tissue paper into small pieces.  Working in small sections and overlapping pieces apply glue to bag, then press and scrunch pieces of tissue paper into glue, covering outside of bag completely and overlapping slightly to inside; allow drying time.  Apply a layer of glue over covered part of bag to seal and allow it to dry. 

2.  Dry Brush bag with gold and/or silver acrylic paint.  Add glitter also, if you desire.

3.  On overlapping at front of bag, glue a length of ribbon along top edge of bag.  Tie another length of ribbon into a bow; hot glue knot to ribbon on front of bag.

4.  Now, for handles, hot glue lengths of trim at inside top of bag.
Congratulations and great job on this DIY Craft Project!