Saturday, September 6, 2014

Happy Saturday!

Hello World!

Well, I'm starting my day off with a walk through our front and back yard, taking in the sun and thinking about how beautiful the weather is today.  I actually started off on the deck this morning and ended up outside on the front porch!  I absolutely love the summer months but also look forward to the fall weather that is coming our way.  I'm beginnning to think about the outside decorating I would like to do. White pumpkins, mums and a new wreath on the front door usually sets that tone of the new season for me.  Well, we still have a few weeks before it's officially fall, so I'm going to enjoy sitting outside and pruning the yard for the new season.  I'm also going to grill some corn and steaks today for dinner. ...yummy! I love grilling and I don't know if anyone is like me and my husband, but we grill all year long!  That hickory flavor and smell from the barbeque grill is so awesome during the winter months.  So, pull up a front row seat at our house and let's get ready for the fall makeover outdoors!  I'll be posting pictures soon as we swap out the begonias and march in the mums! Make it a great day!