Friday, September 12, 2014

How to Create A Reading Corner or Space

When’s the last time you sat down and read a good book?  With so much available via downloads from Amazon, Kindle, Barnes and Noble, etc; a hardcover or paperback book has almost become a secondary choice for readers.  It is so much more convenient to just have a book loaded onto your Smart Phone, I pad or Kindle Fire.  I have to admit, I read but I write more.  I’m a magazine person!  When I have time, I love to look through and read articles, in a good magazine.  It relaxes me.  I’m a subscriber to 2 favorites, that I absolutely love. 

Regardless of how you choose to receive your reading material, the old cliché of “reading is fundamental” is still very much alive!  We can learn so much from reading.  The current events alone, which are going on in our world today, is reason enough to read.  When I was younger, I use to love to go to the library.  Remember, those library days where all you heard was “shush” from the librarian or others, when you were making too much noise! Oh, now that I’m older, I can appreciate that quiet time to read or research topics I want to talk about.

I shared a message last week on“My Thought for Today:  Creating a Quiet Place" and it talked about “you” taking a “moment” for yourself.  Now, I want to show you how you can “create a corner or space for reading”, somewhere in your home.  It’s not your “quiet place” and it’s not your office” because the purpose of a reading corner, is very different.  This corner or space can be shared by the whole family.  It’s designated but it’s not off limits!  If you have a room in your home that is not getting much activity, perhaps you may want to consider creating an entire “reading room”.  That would be awesome!  Think of how creative you can be with an entire room to decorate, strictly for kicking back to read! 

I created a corner, off our family room, for reading.  We also have two comfortable, club chairs nearby, where we can get even cozier. Scout around your home and see where there is a corner or space that is simply not being used.  Begin decorating it, be creative as you want and stay focused on the purpose:
"Creating an inviting aura for reading"!