Friday, September 26, 2014

How to Manage Laundry: 4 Helpful Tips

I have to admit I use to love to do laundry.  I would literally spend some serious time in the laundry detergent aisle trying to decide what soap powder and fabric softener detergents I wanted to purchase.  There are so many brands, fragrances, non-fragrances and hypoallergenic choices,  that it really makes doing laundry more interesting now than its ever been. 

With so many other things to do, it's kind of hard to enjoy doing laundry like I used to but the importance of this effort has not changed.  We still desire for our clothes to be the cleanest and brightest that we can make them and needless to say, we definitely want them to smell good! 

So, I tried to find ways that I could manage doing laundry in our household that would not put such a burden on us.  Some of these ideas may work for you but if not, maybe this will give you a start to begin thinking about how you can better manage doing laundry in your household.

  • Pick a day to do laundry and stick to it!  Seriously, dedicate a day that works for everyone in the house and stick to it.  By doing this, your laundry will receive undivided attention and no other chores will intefere with laundry time!
  • Separate the whites, colors and delicates throughout the week as you stack clothes, one on top of the other.  Really, this is major for us!  I have three baskets:  whites, darks and delicates - If you do this, everything will already be separated for washing.  
  • Share in laundry time, everytime you can!  Why?  Because you will get done faster!  It's the truth!  If everyone pitches in with starting the washer, transferring clothes to dryer, folding and putting clothes away, you will be done in no time.
  • Make laundry "share time" fun because anytime you can spend time together with your family is fun!  You may find, that this is the only time, you have time, to spend time together!!!!'s a cute way to say this but truthfully, with all of us being so busy, as I mentioned at the start of this post, "laundry time" may be the beginning of something really wonderful!