Wednesday, September 3, 2014

How To Select a Theme for My Room

Many times when we begin to think about the theme of a room, the first thing we think about is some of the things we are really passionate about.  We think about colors we like, styles we like, how everything will compliment each other (furniture and accessories) and patterns we may want to mix in with our overall theme.  The theme is really important because you want that room to send the message you are trying to convey.  

Maybe you love the sandy beaches and water like my husband and I do, so you may consider a Coastal Contemporary theme.  Maybe you are the girly girl type and love pink colors in different shades, so you’re theme would probably be very feminine.  You may be someone that is passionate about animals and want to design a room in the theme of wildlife, like zebra prints!  The nice part is that you can choose whatever theme you desire and have fun in doing it. 

Once you have selected a theme, everything else will pretty much fall in place.  The theme initially sets the stage of your project and then you can begin to create your vision board.  
Once your vision board is completed, then you can determine your choices of paint colors, furniture choices, patterns and accessories. Now it’s off to shopping and the fun begins!  Below, I have listed some ideas that can help you begin thinking about the theme of your room and ideas that will help you select a theme.  Have fun!


Ideas for Your Theme
Organize (choices that will fit in the room the way you like)
Availability (can I find the items I need to create this theme)
Compliment (theme that will compliment the other rooms)
Contemporary or Traditional (blended approach-theme/style)
                                         ex:  (Theme/Coastal - Style/Contemporary)