Friday, September 12, 2014

How To Layer a Wall Ladder

Wall ladders are very popular and are becoming an essential and functional piece of furniture for today’s home owner.  The ones that are shown in the photos here, are from Pottery Barn.  I love wall ladders!  We own three of them and I’m showing you two because the third one is in my office and not yet organized.  One thing about a wall ladder that I really like, is that you can layer it so many different ways and change out the accessories as often as you desire.  For certain holidays, I actually create themes on our wall ladders. 
The dark brown one holds some of our towels, bath products and magazines.  The white one holds our cookbooks and blends well with our Coastal Contemporary theme.  Magazines adorn both of the ladders because we love to browse and read through magazines, so you can always find them all over our house. 
Investing in a wall ladder is an investment that will pay for itself, many times over.  You can always paint it later, if you want it to blend more with your decor.   I’ve found that Pottery Barn’s ladders are sturdy, made well and last for a very long time, without falling apart!