Monday, September 15, 2014

In the Works: A Peak at the Vision for My Office Project




Ok.  I'm getting excited!  I basically shared with you last week, that I have all of my logistics in order for this project.  My money is looking good and that's the main thing (no money, no  I still don't have all of my color selections picked out yet as far the overall theme but I am sure I will be furnishing my office with Martha Stewart's craft and office furniture, available at  I've been a big fan of this furniture for awhile and since I'm a craft enthusiast, writer and beginner blogger, it will work well for me.

The first picture, shows a similiar desk setup, I am looking to layout for my office.  This works for me as far as space & functionality because I like to make gift baskets, which requires a lot of room to organize items. Additionally, I am always exploring DIY projects that require craft tools I can conveniently store away in the desk drawers.  I have so many spools of ribbon and a carousel filled with assorted craft paints that I will be able to set up nicely, with this desk space.  So, this office furniture is both pretty and functional!  I will probably go with the white wood, although I believe they offer a gorgeous teal color too. 

The green chair and pink flower that are pictured, are mine!  I've had this antique green chair for awhile and it will go perfectly with my new desk ensemble.  The pink flower is from my "Create a Quiet Place" post.  I mentioned it would have a place in my office.  Not in this chair of course (smile), but more than likely, on my desk.

The daybed shown is from and I love it!  It looks great as a seating spot and also pulls out to a bed, for added comfort.  This will make my office multipurpose and that's ideal for the extra space we can use, when family visits.  I'm not sure if I want the dark wood shown here but its another option to choose from and has a very contemporary look.

Again, I haven't chosen paint colors yet but 
I did sketch (ok..don't drawing stinks!) out the wall pattern (stripes) that I'm thinking about doing, on the main wall in the room.  It will consist of three colors.  The main color will be a bright white and the other two colors, I'm still deciding on!  As far as window treatments, I am no where near, making that selection yet. I would love to get white, wooden, plantation blinds in my office but I'm almost sure there is not enough money in my budget for that ;-)!

Just wanted to give you a quick peak of what I will be including on my vision board soon, for this first project.  I'm still collecting ideas and should have it all ready to share with you by the end of this week. 

Do you have any projects you are working on? I would love to hear from you!  Join in and Share your comments below.  Make it a great day!