Thursday, September 4, 2014

Let's Talk about House Cleaning

Can we talk? No one ever wants to talk about what really goes into cleaning up your house. Cleaning your house is one of those things that no matter how much of a well-kept person you are, dust and dirt will still find its way to your home! We have bathrooms in our home that we never use, yes, never and I still have to clean those toilet bowls, bathtubs and sinks on a regular basis. However, if you can create a plan, devise a schedule and master it, you will find that house cleaning is really not all that bad. I divide my house cleaning up into two days. The first day I clean my bathrooms, kitchen, great room and dining room. The second day, I clean the bedrooms, family room, offices and loft. The plan you design will be developed specifically for you. You may not need two days to complete your housecleaning; you may only need one day, three days or more. It’s totally up to you since you will create the plan. Here’s an opportunity for you to follow LOFT101 Logistics (see Logistics)!
When it comes to house cleaning, there are “The Basics”that I feel you must do. When I don’t want to follow my “two day” plan that I created, then, I do “The Basic” cleaning only! It’s that simple, this is my fall back plan because the cleaning has to get done but who says I have to spend 48 hours doing it (smile). “The Basics” will cut your cleaning time in ½. So, you do the math and you’ve’ got a backup plan that works!