Friday, September 5, 2014

LOFT101 Office Decorating Project: Before Pictures

Ok...Finally, I'm starting my first DIY Project!  I will be decorating my official Office Headquarters.  I am so excited to take you on this journey with me!  These are the "before" pictures and I will be sharing "during" and "meantime" pictures along the way, as I begin to clean this room out.  It's a pretty nice size room with a walk-in closet and full bathroom.  I have chosen some ideas for my vision board and will share that with you as I begin to create it.  I have a few colors in mind I am thinking about and some of what you see in the pictures are items I want to keep.  I call this my "overflow" or "shopping in my own house".   You may know what overflow is but in case you don't, my definition for overflow is different from Webster's.   Here's how I see it: Definition of Overflow Shopping in my own house;   When one buys something on impulse and then they get home with the items and realize they did not need what they purchased.  They have no where to put it, spent money they should not have and realize a day or two later "I didn't need this" but "I really liked it";

Funny right?  It's the truth!  Have you ever been there before? But, now that you have it, oh well, it's has to go somewhere (smile)!  So I'll be working with my overflow stuff first, for sure, then we can go shopping.  Yes, I'm not leaving you out of anything, I'll be posting pictures while I shop too!!  Stay tuned as I work on my first blog Project!!  It's going to be awhile before I complete this but you can be sure the "after" pictures will be really nice!