Thursday, September 11, 2014

My Thought for Today: Past, Present and Future

On this day, September 11, 2014, let us remember all of the loved ones that lost there lives in the 9/11 tragedy and pray continued peace over the lives of their family and friends, that they have
left behind.  God Bless You from

No matter, how old we get, we never get too old for ice cream!  This is a small ice cream parlor that my husband and I discovered on Espanola Way in Miami Beach and when I happen to run across the photo today, it reminded me of how much fun we had that day in Florida.  I'm so glad I captured a photo of this because it reminds me of being young again. 

My message today isn't really about ice cream but more so about growing older.  I must admit, no matter how much I love ice cream, my body cannot digest it the way it use too when I was a kid.  Anyone experiencing that?  At first, I use to be in denial about eating ice cream but after I kept having issues (you know what I, I realized that it's not the ice cream, it's me!  In my mind, I've always loved ice cream and I've never had any problems when I ate it but I'm older now and I finally realize I can't eat everything and anything anymore like the days when I was a kid. 

I've adjusted to my 50's and I respect my age.  I've been there and I've done that and now the next chapter of my life requires that I make some changes.  I've learn to embrace times when I can't wear the skinny, skinny jeans and short shorts anymore.  I've banished the hot foods because I get heartburn and I had surgery a few years ago because I had heel spurs in both feet, so there goes the high heels!  

In our minds, we are forever young but in reality we are young at heart!  The transition from one chapter to another in our lives, often goes unnoticed until we have an experience that reminds us that we are not old but older.  I've stopped chasing my past and have began to appreciate the present

My future looks promising and I look forward to the promises that it brings!