Tuesday, September 16, 2014

My Thought for Today: Do It Yourself (DIY)

As you can see, I love magazines!  I buy magazines whenever I'm out shopping.  Ok, sometimes its impulsive shopping, especially when I'm in the grocery store.  I can't help it!  The magazines are right there at the register and they always have the best ones displayed in the front!  Anyone like me?  Do you look at the price and even though it says $7.99 or $10.99, you still have to have it?  Tell the truth!!  I always gravitate toward the Home Decor, Food or DIY copies. 

I just love to look through the home decorating magazines.  There's always new ideas or an article that I can use for a certain project.  The Food Network magazines, forget it!  I have a subscription to those.  The DIY magazines, love those too.  They always have the best craft ideas that you can make. Whether it be a new recipe, a decorating project or a craft that I see advertised, I always find myself saying " I think I'm going to try and make this". The instructions, materials or ingredients that you ususally need, can be found right on the shelves in the grocery store or at your favorite craft store. 

So many people these days, are making things and trying out new recipes, that the stores are realizing they need to keep a variety of products on the shelves rather than the common ones.  I love the feeling I have right after creating a project I found in a DIY book.  Just to know that you can look at something in a book and then successfuly make it for yourself or for your home, is awesome!  Better yet, I really love when I get creative and create craft projects that are my own!  Oh yea, I'll be sharing some DIY craft ideas that are pretty easy to make and you won't find them anywhere but right here at LOFT101.NET!   I'm always looking for "something new to do" and to dabble in, so every now and then, I have to get creative! 

Well, hope this encourages you to at least buy a DIY magazine or purchase a magazine that will dare you to DIY, in something!  If not, that's ok, I'll have some DIY projects on my blog that you can try very soon, for the holidays!  So, keep following, share this post and make it a great day...