Thursday, September 4, 2014

My Thought for Today: Find A Passion and Pursue it

I believe I can do almost anything!  That's crazy, right?  I've always been a person that strived to be different.  I shared that with you in my bio.  I'm not cocky, but I am very confident.  Sometimes too confident.  I always thought one day I would be famous but unfortunately, I'm not famous...yet (smile)!  Truthfully, I have this enormous level of  confidence that encourages me and inspires me often within my soul, to never give up on anything.  I wanted to have my own business and I succeeded for awhile.  I wanted to retire at a young age and I succeeded at that. Lastly, I wanted to attempt blogging and I am living through it at this very moment & I am enjoying it tremendously!  I am a great communicator and an average listener.  So, I thought about how could I become a better listener and I decided that if I can enlist people to share a short story with me about their entrepreneur venture, then I would not only enjoy the dialogue but enjoy listening because that is a subject that truly excites me!  So here's, what I thought I could do, with your help, of course:

I'm looking for (5) five stories I can post on my blog that are inspiring!  For this first attempt, I am specifically looking for stories from entrepreneurs.  I know what hard work goes into having your own business, so I am passionate about folks that have worked hard to sustain their businesses.  Others need to hear your story and I want to share it on my blog.  I will not charge you a monetary fee for "posting your story" on my blog and in turn, I will not expect you to charge me a monetary fee for "sharing your story" with the world.  Its merely an opportunity to post your story on my blog and to inspire and encourage someone else that may be following a similiar dream.  If you are interested,  please leave a comment at this posting and I will reply back to you. You can also email me at 

Stories will be posted in Oct 2014!!  When I have 5 stories in hand that I want to post, I will inform everyone that this opportunity has closed.  That would be such a blessing if I am able to do that because that means I can try this venture again! 

I am trying something new!!

Hope you consider sharing your story ♡