Wednesday, September 10, 2014

My Thought for Today: My "Meantime" as A Wanna Be Blogger

Ever wanted to try something, knowing nothing about it but believing you can do it anyway?  Am I talking to you?  That’s me, confessing!  Yes, I’ve been in this blogger game for about 3 weeks now and I am blogging and believing that one day, I won’t be the only one reading my own posts...haha! Well, I do believe I have some readers, I just don’t know who they are…yet (lol)! 

See, I say “yet” because, I really don't know.  I’m early in this game and having fun!  I’m still a “wanna be” simply because I still “wanna”, so that’s a good thing.  I’m smiling while I’m posting because I can’t help but be candid with you; it’s horrible not getting followers or comments on my posts.  I’m keeping it real.  Now, don’t go feeling sorry for me because, that's not the message I'm trying to convey.  I want to be a real blogger and I want to share all sides of what I'm thinking with you; good, bad or indifferent.  This "meantime" I'm in is what I would call indifferent.  It's not bad yet!! 
Truthfully, connecting with others via social media is not an easy task and I know many of you feel the same way as I do.  However, on the upside, since I’ve been blogging, I absolutely love it!  It really is an escape for me.  When I'm blogging, my mind is filled with all kind of stuff!  Sometimes I'm thinking faster than I can write. I'm just designed that way, I can't help it.
Anyway, it’s been about 21 days and I've been tweeting and blogging and tweeting and blogging and tweeting and blogging…. (ok laugh!!), but it’s all good.  I’m still happy and I’m still smiling.  You feel me? It’s innovation. It's a challenge, but again, it's a whole lot of fun because I enjoy writing! 

Keep trucking all of my "wanna be" bloggers, we'll get there together!