Friday, September 19, 2014

Style Innovation: Express Yourself

Did you know that style is the one thing you can call "your own?  Yes, it's an expression of "you", in whatever form or fashion you please to express it!  We all have our own style when it comes to expressing ourselves.  I talk a lot about innovation, being creative and thinking out the box.  Innovative people have styles that are sometimes crazy, bizarre, eccentric and just different from everyone else.  That's why its often said that, to be innovative in your thinking, you have to be willing and daring enough to try something new. 

My tag line for,  "Introducing You to Something New", is just that idea that I try to convey to everyone, that visits my site.  Look at this picture.  Do you see how the colors and patterns don't match? Do you see how the lampshade is a pink and white pattern and the table has a different pattern, in a totally different colors?  Well, if you were someone that likes to keep it simple or basic, then this would look crazy to you and that's ok.  If you are someone that is more creative and daring, then you would love this abstract. 

Here's where "style innovation" comes into play.  My style is different from your style.  Obviously, I "love" this picture, patterns and colors because this is how I see d├ęcor, through my innovative way of thinking.  A big part of how we think is within.  Truly, none of us really know why we like some of the things we do, we just know that we do.  So, don't ever make excuses for liking what you like.  There's always room to try something new or different and you absolutely should.  It's part of growth and maturity, knowing that sometimes, things have to be different, by default.  When it comes to "your style", express yourself in ways that please you! That’s totally ok!!