Saturday, September 20, 2014

Ushering In Autumn: Don't Miss The View

With the fall season only a few days away, many of us are thinking about how quickly time flies and how soon after the fall season, Thanskgiving and Christmas will be right around the corner.  This time of the year makes me think of apple orchards, hay rides and pumpkins!  My appetite starts shifting gears from healthy salads to hot chili!  All of a sudden, I find myself ordering hot chocolate instead of hot tea because I want to be in sync with the season.  I have to keep cider in the house because it simply goes with this time of the year!  I guess, it's just human nature. 

Time to rake the leaves and clean up branches that will start falling from the trees.  We've already began switching out our summer flowers with mums.  I finally changed the wreath on our door also.  Take a long walk, have a hot cup of chocolate, stop by the bookstore and spend some time browsing through your favorite books.  Call a friend or simply open the blinds to see the view, as the leaves fall from the trees and neighbors begin to transform their yards from summer to fall. 

Take some time to enjoy autumn.  This season goes by very quickly and we never get time to enjoy it.  Usher in autumn and rest for a moment, to enjoy this wonderful season!