Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Spotlight Interview: What I Learned From Four Fascinating, Ambitious & Steadfast Entrepreneurs Positive, Pursuit, Passion and Purpose

For the last two months, I have been on a quest to find entrepreneurs or potential entrepreneurs, that were willing to share their stories about what encouraged them to venture out on their own and take that leap of faith.  What inspired them to believe they could succeed in business ownership?   How did they get started and what drives them to sustain?   Although, I'm not a novice at writing or interviewing, I am excited to show my work and share my very first Spotlight Interview, right here on my own site!  I'm introducing you to something new and that's what my blog is about.  Meet four, very ambitious, entrepreneurs that are following their dreams and enjoying every moment of it.  A big thanks to each of them for contributing and continued success for their future! 

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Sherry:   Independent Beauty Consultant
                   Mary Kay   
"Positive feeling about who they are..." had the pleasure of speaking with a special lady, that has truly invested herself into a company that is a trailblazer for women.  Many years ago, she saw an opportunity of becoming an entrepreneur and because she followed her dream, she has been going strong, for the past 27 years!  Meet Sherry and see how Mary Kay has made her the entrepreneuer, she is today!

Sherry has been a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant for 27 years and loves doing makeovers and teaching skin care. Her approach is open and non-aggresive. By talking and learning about what her clients want, she creates a trusting environment and at the same time, develops wonderful and lasting friendships.  "I am inspired by my passion to make women feel good about themselves and to have a positive feeling about who they are."  Sherry feels that it is very important to listen to what her customers are saying and in turn, what they are not saying. As a beauty consultant, you are literally changing one's appearance. At the end of the day, you want their makeover to look great and hopefully, make the person feel better about who they are!  Staying positive as an entrepreneur is not always easy but knowing that you made someone feel better, encourages you to keep going and keep growing! In this business, she has committed to transforming and turning negative feelings into positive ones. That's been her goal for 27 years and she loves it!
*To learn more about Sherry and Mary Kay, please email for her contact information

Maria:   Professional Artist/Sculptor
                Artwork at Riverview Gallery
                224 N. Washington Street
                Havre de Grace, Maryland

"Pursuing my journey..."
Maria Annegarn is a professional artist and her work consist of whimsical ceramic, mixed media sculptures and fused glass jewelry.  You can always find her in the Havre de Grace, Maryland area but today, her story can be found right here, at, as she shares a small part of why her artistry means so much to her!  
Maria is inspired by nature in general and people, places and things, that are particulary unusual in appearance.  A few of her inspirations are eccentric people and animals that are humorous or appear in need of tender loving care (tlc).  She aspires to create a playful interaction between the viewer and the sculpture.  "With a never ending string of ideas to be worked out, patron feedback on their enjoyment of my work keeps me motivated in pursuing my journey as an artist."  Maria is a driven individual and is very passionate about her work.  She cares about her clients and she loves being an artist!   

*To learn more about Maria Annegarn and to view her artwork, please visit or call the Riverview Gallery in Havre de Grace, MD

Damon:  Owner of Flash Teez
                    Fashion Screen Printer
                    Baltimore, Maryland

  "Passion  for making people smile..."
Flash Teez was founded in 2013 by Damon Stubblefield, a Howard University, School of Business Graduate. This entrepreneur is off to the races and laying good groundwork, along the way.  He is a promising entrepreneur and his story tells it all!

His vision was to provide an exceptional customer experience to the screen printing industry without compromising quality, convenience or affordability.  "As a customer, I became annoyed with the lack of communication and quality control I experienced with other screen printers.  I knew things could be better and I set out to change the norm."  By learning to screen print, investing in his own equipment, and developing processes to manage his customers' experience, he is bringing the vision to life.  His business is also growing within Baltimore and surrounding areas.  "We have a passion for making people smile and fostering excitement, around the finished product.  People appreciate that about our company."  Flash Teez has a number one priority and that is meeting the needs of their clients.  The passion this company has for making people smile, is driven by the belief they have in their products and in their company.  Whether you need 5 shirts for a special occasion or promotional items for a trade show, Flash Teez can accomodate your order.  Experience the difference, experience Flash Teez!

*To learn more about Damon Stubblefield and Flash Teez, please call 443-692-7605 or visit

Daryn:  Founder & Owner
                  Ramsey's Corner
                  P.O. Box 363
                  Aberdeen, MD  21001

"I'm created for the purpose to communicate by passion, inspiration and creativity..." sat down with Daryn Ramsey, founder & owner of Ramsey's Corner!  We captured this in depth story and you will be moved and inspired as you read about  this writer, future blogger and potential entrepreneur, that speaks openly, honestly and biblically about his gift, his passion and his purpose!
Ramsey’s Corner serves as an outlet and platform to express Daryn's creativity as a sports writer, without neglecting the traditional sports material that fans still adore.  "You are never too old to dream and if there is something that you have always wanted to do, or anything that you really have a passion for, the opportunity will eventually become available." He shared a scripture with me, that he often thinks about:

Proverbs 18:16, a man’s gift makes room for him, and brings him before great men. 

Early on as a child, he had a passion for sports. Writing is something that he really enjoys and it has always come easy to him. From grade school through college, he enjoyed a very successful sports career, competing with and against some of the best athletes in the nation. About 20 years ago, he began to visualize the possibilities of sports writing. He didn't know how this would happen, however, he envisioned capturing a historical aspect of the sports scene in his hometown, Neptune, New Jersey. When it comes to sports writing, there is no limit to the creative material that he can produce. For him, topics and subject matter come, effortlessly. They flow from my mind, to my fingertips, to the keyboard and to you! Just like milk and honey, I’m steady, focused and in my zone, when I write!  I'm created for the purpose to communicate by passion, inspiration and creativity.

In 2014, Daryn began the preliminary phase of his sports and writing interest by creating his Official Twitter account @DRamSportCorner and in 2015 he will launch his very own blog called Ramsey's Corner!   By connecting the two, Ramsey's Corner is hoping to promote and assist in facilitating and fielding future sports opportunities/events, local and abroad.  His blog will be interactive and complete, with interviews, sport updates, advertising, video, sports trivia, pictorials, college recruiting, and much more. It will be exciting, dynamic and in real time! 

*To learn more about Daryn Ramsey and Ramsey's Corner, please email him at or tweet @DRamSportCorner.  Additionally, watch for his blog,, coming in 2015!