Thursday, October 30, 2014

Alternative Way of Using a Common Household Item: The Power of Baby Powder!

I've got a secret to getting grease out and not sure if you all know about this little tip!  I learned about baby powder and the magic it works, years ago.  Once I found out that it could take grease out of silk, I knew then, this was something I have to keep with me!  Since then, I've learned so many other things that baby powder is good for.  Besides keeping baby butts soft and keeping us adults fresh, baby powder is a "power powder"!

Everytime I see someone spill oil, butter or grease on their clothes and I am around them, I whip out my travel size container of baby powder and tell them to apply it quickly, to get that stain out. You have to let the powder set for at least 15-20 minutes, but it works.  You will actually see it dry to a pasty substance, outlining where the stain is.  After you have let it set, take a paper towel and lighty dust off the powdery area and the stain will be gone.  If not gone totally, it will be almost gone and surely less visible, than the original stain.  For an even better effect, after letting the stain absorb the powder, throw the clothing article into the washer and let it cycle through.  This will absolutely remove the stain. 

That's my tidbit about the power of baby powder but if you visit other sites, you will see additional alternatives to using baby powder.  Keep it handy and never worry about how to get grease out of your clothing anymore!  Especially when, you are away from home and need to get an accidental stain out of your clothing, like "right now"!!.  Trust me, you will be so happy and grateful that your baby powder is right there with you, your new!

*You can use generic baby powder also. is not advertising this brand but sharing what is used by this site only, as a cleaning tip/suggestion