Thursday, October 23, 2014

Decorating with Colors: The Color Burgundy

CARPET (Dominant Color)
So, here we go...the color burgundy is the color in question and the color I want to share ideas on today. Burgundy has been a fashion staple color, for years. When I think of burgundy, I think of richness, timeless, classy and the dark color of wine. Burgundy is a hue that pairs perfectly with grays, blues, and off white. You know a color that is timeless with burgundy? Navy Blue. This color combination is as rich as it gets! 

Ever wondered what makes you gravitate more toward some colors, than others?  Well, there are quite a few articles about what color says about what kind of person you are.  There is no scientific support for it, but generally, colors, let people know a little bit more about themselves. 
I was asked about what I knew about colors and I never really thought about it, until I was asked.  Perhaps, I never really struggle over choosing colors because I pretty much gravitate toward the same colors, all the time.  I usually have to add a print or pattern to my colors, for variety, because I see things more abstract. 
My ability to choose colors and visually coordinate them into a color combination that blends well, is a gift.  It comes easy for me but for others, it may not.  That's ok!   Remember, "My Purpose" for that I shared with you on a prior post, last week: 
There is no standard on how stunning something has to be; only that it is better than it was before.
Here's a few color combinations that I think will work well with worries on who will like it!  Make it a better look for you and your family.  That's who matters!  Share a comment at the end of this post.  I would love to hear from you!

Light Burgundy, Black, Slate Blue, Light Grey, Off White Palette
Use for ACCESSORIES (pillows, pictures, lamps, mirrors)

Consider using for your Furniture (you can use one piece in this color or an entire set in this color, love seat and sofa) and Window Treatments also

Use this color for one piece of furniture only (not more than one because dark colored furniture tends to wear) and Window Treatments or Paint One Wall as an Accent Color (this would look really rich with burgundy carpet painted as one wall only, in the living room)