Sunday, October 19, 2014

DIY Craft Series (Weekend Three): How To Decorate & Decoupage Wooden Letters

Ok...this such a fun  and quick craft project!  Ever worked with mod podge?  Well, maybe if you are old school like me, you may remember decoupage.  I loved decoupage projects, when I was a youngster.  I would cut pictures out of a magazine and decoupage them to a piece of plywood and then I would attach a small gold hook in the top of the wood and hang it on the wall in my bedroom.I just knew I was an artist, even at a young! 

Today, in week three of the DIY Craft series, I am sharing a decoupage project with you, that is really an easy project.  I'm decorating wooden letters for my Headquarters office, that is almost ready for another look by all of you.  I'll show you step by step on the first two letters I am decorating and you will see the remainder when I begin to decorate the office. 

Clear the kitchen table and grab the kids to help with this fun project!  Halloween is coming next week, so if you celebrate, perhaps you may want to use a Halloween theme to decorate some letters for a party you are having.  These decorative tapes come in variety of colors and themes, so I am sure you will find something you like.  You can purchase everything you see at Michael's Craft store.  Have fun and share a comment on how your DIY decoupage project came out.  I would love to hear from you!!  Happy Sunday...

What you need:  wooden letters, foam brushes, mod podge glue, crafting tape (by Washi)

Add glue to letters with foam brush

Apply tape

Continue to add tape and trim edges as you move along

Yay!  You are done and look how pretty this is! Let dry completely for 24 hours. 

Now start the next letter... Apply glue with foam brush

Apply tape

Continue to add tape

Trim tape as you move along

Yay!  You did it again!  Let both dry completely.  Glue will dry clear.  Continue with decorating the rest of your letters and have fun!