Friday, October 31, 2014

DIY Craft Series (Weekend Four): How to Make A Christmas Ball Wreath

Hi There! 

I've got a bargain for you with this DIY project!  You can make this Christmas Ball Wreath for half the price you would pay for it, in a department store.

There are six simple DIY101 steps that you need to follow and the rest is history... Let's get started!

What Do You Need:
a glue gun
a package of glue sticks (at least 50)
a 16 inch Styrofoam wreath form 
60 small size Christmas ball ornaments (non-glass)
65 medium size Christmas ball ornaments (non-glass)

STEP 2 & 3:
STEP 2:  (1st photo) Begin by applying hot glue from your glue gun to the inside of the Styrofoam wreath.  Start by gluing the large balls to the inside of the wreath, first.  Repeat around, until you have the entire inside done.

STEP 3:  (2nd photo) Note how your wreath should begin to look as you continue to add large balls on the inside.

Now, once you have the inside done, this is when the fun starts!  Begin adding small balls, next to the large balls, just as I show you in this photo.  Next repeat around, adding both the large and small balls consecutively.  You want to concentrate on covering the Styrofoam form before you begin worrying about the shape of the wreath.  That will happen automatically, as you continue to add the balls.

Ok!  Keep adding the balls, just as I show you again, in this photo, until the white foam is not showing.  After you complete that, then with the remaining balls you have left, fill in the gaps.  Using the balls you have leftover, fill in areas that look empty. Use your judgment to determine if you need to fill in the gap with a small or large ball.  The more balls you add, the prettier and fuller your wreath will look.  You are doing good!  IMPORTANT:  As you fill in the gaps, begin to focus on the roundness of the wreath, on the outer edges.  You want to keep it as round as you can and as equally balanced as you can, all the way around.  It's ok if some of the balls on the outer area are sticking out more than others, as long as overall, the wreath looks evenly proportioned all the way around.

Congratulations!  You did it!  This is pretty much what your Christmas Ball Wreath should look like.  Wrap it up nicely and store it in a safe place because it will be time to show it off, very soon!!

Remember, as with any other resource, if you use this idea , please give credit to for the craft project and DIY instructions.  You get the credit for your hard work :-)!!  Thanks!
Happy Holidays!