Saturday, October 11, 2014

DIY Craft Series (Weekend Two): How To Make Woven Wire Hangers

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Weekend Two/ Craft Series

Happy Saturday!  Ok, this is the second weekend of the DIY Craft Series that I plan to share with you over the next three months.  Each weekend, I plan to post a DIY 101 craft project that you can make, right at home.  This week is so simple and so 101, you will only need 4 supplies.  The cost for this project can be done with a minimum of $6.00 and will be one of the most inexpensive craft projects I will ever share with you.  Secondly, the functionality of this craft, is at the top of the charts because everyone can use hangers!

Starting today, stop throwing away those wire hangers that you have hanging around the house.  We are going to make use of them for this project. This craft is great for some spending mother/daughter time together.  How about getting the whole family together for some family fun with a contest to see who is the most creative in designing their hangers!  Kids loves this project because they can easily display their personalities. 

Bundle the hangers together with pretty tissue paper and you have a great holiday gift for someone.  Decorate them with someone's favorite color and make a set for them as a special birthday gift.  This is a super easy project and you can make it in 3 simple steps!  Have fun with it and share your comments at the end of this post.  I would love to hear from you!

TIP:  These hangers are perfect as a gift for a little girl.  Add some colorful bows to the hanger and watch how pretty it looks.  For a little boy, add bow ties for another great gift idea!

As always, if you use this idea, please remember to give credit to for this craft project.  Thanks! 

Here's what you need:

1 wire hanger
Fabric tape (I used 2 rolls/different patterns)
Ribbon and/or accessories

Step 1  Using fabric tape, begin at the very tip of the hook of the hanger and begin wrapping hanger with your fabric tape.  It may be easier for you to wrap it if you cut the fabric tape in 2 foot lengths at a time.  No special way to wrap it, just wrap it tightly, making sure you cover the wire. 

Step 2  Proceed wrapping until the entire hanger is completely covered with fabric tape.  Note:  When wrapping, you should wrap on a diagonal. It's easier to wrap this way rather than wrapping fabric tape in a straight, up and down fashion.  Wrapping on a diagonal creates a cleaner, more professional look.  It also overlaps very well, at the start and stop points.

Step 3  Once your hanger has been completely wrapped, decorate it with, ribbon and/or accessories of your choice.

Good job!!