Thursday, October 2, 2014

DIY101 Crafting and Packaging Your Creations: Beginning in October in Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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Hi There!

Over the next three months, I will be crafting gift ideas that you can make at home and package for gift giving during the holidays.  The craft creation above is one of my own ideas called "a favor full of fluff".  This table favor is very easy to make and looks absolutely beautiful when you create a few of them for place settings.  In honor of Breast Cancer Month (October), I'll be making the pink table favor also and hoping to give a few away in honor of our fight against breast cancer.  This will be the first craft I'll be sharing the "how to" with you and it's very inexpensive to make also. 

I'll be baking cupcakes, decorating them and showing you how to package and decorate the container to coordinate with the design of the cupcake!  I love working with mason jars as you may already know, from my "bath in a jar" craft creation I shared with you a few weeks ago on an earlier post.  I'll show you some more ideas you can create using mason jars. 

My all time favorite, especially this time of the year, is gift basket creations!  I use to have a gift basket business that I currently have on hold for awhile until later but I'll show you how to custom theme some of the best ideas into one gift package.  What better time of the year than now to begin thinking about greeting cards you will need to purchase for the holiday season.  Well, hold off on that purchase because I'll be using my Cricut expression machine and Cuttlebug embosser to make some DIY greeting cards that will look like you bought them right out of the card store! 

We will make gift tags and wrap those sparkling apple cider bottles in a dish cloth that will serve as two gifts in one!  This is the perfect Thanksgiving gift when visiting friends and family!  I've got a ton of ideas to share with you because I have been a craft enthusiast for many, many years and I love decorating and crafting, whenever I get the time!  We will also make some pretty table centerpieces you can use for the holiday time also. 

Stay tuned, sharpen your scissors, grab the glue, tape, paint brushes and get ready for some DIY 101 crafting!  It's going to be fun, so keep following.  It all starts this weekend with the first craft you see in the picture, "a favor full of fluff"!!