Thursday, October 16, 2014

DIY PROJECT: Create 6 Easy Centerpieces

If you are anything like me, you probably love to change your dining room table centerpiece, each time the season changes.  Perhaps not and maybe you only think about changing it for the holidays that you celebrate, throughout the year.  Either way, I have 6 easy table centerpieces that you can create for every season of the year and holidays in between.  

Check out 6 Ways I change the look, using the same glass vase.  You can do it too!  Its easy. Have fun and be creative!


100 Shiny Christmas Bows - Stick 1 bow with another bow and create 50 pairs of bows.  Fill vase for an inexpensive holiday display.  Easy to do!

Tissue paper creates a stunning look for a summer centerpiece!  This is the easiest and the least expensive centerpiece to make.  Choose colorful tissue papers for a splash of color.

Paper pom-poms (Michael's Craft store), white craft rocks (Pier One) and glistening LED lights (Pier One) make this centerpiece a beauty!  Turn the lights out and you get the true LED light effect, that is absolutely gorgeous!

A combination of wicker, wooden, pebble, mosaic and glazed balls are a match for any table.  The colors are neutral and the pop of burgundy, brings it altogether!  You can find these decor balls at Pier One. 

My favorite!  This display reminds me of lemon slush and coconuts!  I don't know why but I know that I created this look over the summer and I kept it the same for five months.  Its lemons, wicker, pebbles and neutral mosaic balls.  Shop Pier One for the lemons and decor balls.