Thursday, October 30, 2014

Trendy & Chic: Let it Snow!

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Sharing a ski wear site with you on my blog that is one of the hottest sites I've  found.  This is not a photo or resource.  All credit given to and sharing my thoughts only, about how much I love, love, love their snow gear!
OMG!  This is strictly for my ladies!!  I've got to share this with you all today.  Ok.  They are calling for the start of light snow this weekend and I have to sidetrack from the home decor talk to fashion, for a minute!  Here's what going on with me.  My husband has been wanting us to go snow tubing for the longest and I am so fearful of anything that takes me out of my regular routine.  Can you believe that?  I talk so much about being innovative, introducing new things to yourself and daring to be different, you would think that I am game to try anything, right?  Not!! I am a scary person when it comes to some daring stuff like, snow tubing, snorkeling and skiing.  Really, I am!  But here's the thing, I absolutely love snow gear!  Yes, I will drop some money for a nice ski coat in a hot minute but never go skiing or even visit a ski resort...(stop laughing)!
I'm sharing this photo sketch, this website and all credit that surrounds it, of, the hottest ski gear I know!  Now, let me be clear, without a doubt, you will spend some money for their ski fashion but I guarantee, you will look hotter than hot!  Your husband or significant other will let you know it too!! 
Check this site out and let me know what you think.  I'm  working on my fear of fighting those slopes and hoping to surprise my husband with a different side of me, soon!  The ski gear they sell at is so cute ladies and you just feel cute in their stuff.  Even if you own just one or two pieces, you will  feel good!  I'm not advertising for them but I'm raving about them because their gear is just tight and right!  Check them out, when you can....
* will always give credit to the resource that they are blogging about and all credit goes to not to ... I'm exploring, sharing & connecting, so you can join me in looking cuter  (smile) :-)...Make it a great day!