Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Real Life Rewards Are A Result Of Real Life Hard Work Mission:
To inspire you to begin or continue chasing your dreams, stay in the race and to realize that real life rewards are a result of real life hard work. Goal: 
That you will discover new things in life and that you are encouraged to try them. Purpose:  
For you to understand that there is no standard on how stunning something has to be; only that it is better than it was before.

I have good news!  Things are moving along with my dream and I must share some of my good news with you.  Since launching my blog site over 2 months ago, I have been fortunate enough to begin DRAFTING my future plans for my " Consulting Firm".  I am still a distance away from actually securing and launching my business but I am on my way. With my interior decorating certification, my industry consultant experience and my certification as senior logistics analyst, I am preparing and putting things in place, to give this entrepreneurship endeavor another try!

I am so grateful for God's plan! I have projects that I have committed to helping others with during the holiday season.  I am so excited about being advertised, for the first time, in Harford Style Magazine, later this month. Viewers are now beginning to SUBSCRIBE  to my blog site and requests are being made for me to write about certain subjects. I love it! (check out a request made for me to share on baby decor, posting later today). 

I've shared my feelings with you at the start, when I began blogging and I've continued to share with you, my feelings along the way.  Anything worth having is worth waiting for. Stay in your race.  Real life work pays off!