Wednesday, October 1, 2014

My Funny Thought for Today: A Salute to Moms for The Pressure Cooker

Now this is real life.....
Today, I did some kitchen inventory and decided to see exactly how many pots and pans I have collected over the past year.   With the holidays coming, I'm beginning to think about recipes I want to make.  I have to admit,  I'm in pretty good shape with what I think I need to prepare for my holiday feast! However, there's always room for one more piece of cookware.  That's the one piece of cookware I don't have, a pressure cooker

I guess, I never really longed for a pressure cooker because back in the day, I can remember my Mom using the pressure cooker and telling us kids to stay away from it and no matter what, don't touch or lift that top!  I could see the steam coming out the sides of it and the way it was boiling the food inside, I knew it was something I did not want to touch. I knew it was hot!!

As a kid, I was wondering what in the world had to be cooked in that way!  It seemed like such an abusive way of!!  It's funny because I can't really remember what Mom cooked in that pressure cooker but anything Mom made was good, so I'm sure one of those great meals we had back in the day was brutalized in that pressure cooker before being served!

How wonderful is it today, in 2014, to know that we can still have the memories of yesterday and the pleasure of making some of those same meals like your Mom and my Mom did but in a new and improved way.  Yes, pressure cookers today have been re-engineered and re-designed to take that fear away of back in the day!!  They are less noisy, you can plug them into the wall, they are much more self contained, cook in half the time (and that's great because pressure cooking, back in the day, was known for cutting the time of cooking in half) and they come in some awesome colors, to match the decor of your kitchen!

Now that I'm all grown up, I can admit, my fears have been put to rest.  I am going shopping for a pressure cooker before the holidays and I will use it!!  Thanks to my Mom, your Mom and the legacy of our grandmoms for never letting us forget how far we have come with cooking technology and  preparing us, without knowing, how much we can really appreciate the priviledge we have today, of the way we choose to cook our food.
Thanks Moms & Grandmoms!!