Friday, October 10, 2014

8 Steps To Taking a Mental Dump!

Say what!  Yes, I'm taking a mental dump and I don't care what's on my "to do" list!  Ever feel this way?  This is one of my favorite lines.  No, I'm not an actress but I did attend acting school for 3 months and loved it!  I call these "lines" because, like an actress, I memorized them and they repeat over and over in my head like the rerun of a movie.  I'm serious.  When I need to take it down, relax, get away from things and get back on track, I take a "mental dump" and it makes me better again.  So maybe you call your mental dump, something else.  I don't know but what I do know is that you should have something similiar to a mental dump in your book of life.  Sound funny?  Oh well, for me it's real life

Ok, you wanna know what I do when I take a mental dump?  No need to tell you why because, it's the obvious, it's mental!  I need to get my head together and along with getting that right, everything else get's a fixer upper too.  For me, taking a mental dump, includes a lot of things.  I do it in 8 Steps. 

It's your dump time, do your thing and do!! 


8 Steps to My Mental Dump Day
1.  For starters, I set aside a day for myself.  It's not planned because I never know when I'm going to need a mental dump.  I don't care what's going on, all I care about is me and the need that I have to get away from the routine, that I follow each day.  So, I plan time for me, to be by myself, for a few hours.
2.  Next, I indulge in "an ultimate spa experience"  (see my old post on this) and chill, for real!!  It's amazing what some R&R will do.  A hot shower, some natural bubbly soaps and scrubs, quietness, a glass of spring water with fresh strawberries and mint and a step out into some soft slippers and a cozy bathrobe, yes...this is a must for my mental dump day!
3.  Now, I get dressed into some of my chill gear.  That usually consist of my yoga pants, a t-shirt and my flip flops or sneakers.  Depending on the weather, I grab a sweat jacket , pull my hair back with a headband and I'm out of the house for the day!
4.  Hop into my ride, tune into my XM station, Heart & Soul or Kirk Franklin's Praise and start driving to two of my favorite places.  Barnes and Noble and Michael's Craft store!  Ok, I know I told you early on, I don't read as much as I write.  So, why do I go to Barnes and Noble?  Simple; because there's a Starbucks in there!  Nothing has changed.  I still like writing more than reading, but I do read.  Yes, I'm a fan of Starbucks and a bigger fan of their non-fat, Caramel Macchiato.  I get my grande cup of coffee and browse through Barnes and Noble to look at cookbooks, craft books and magazines.  This moment is surreal for me because I really feel at peace, dreamlike and relaxed to the max!  Crazy, right?
5.  Next, I head over to Michaels Craft  Store and spend a little cash in there.  Remember, I'm a innovative person, craft enthusiast and when it comes to learning some new things to do, a craft store fits the bill because they have a ton of ideas in there that I can explore.
6.  Right about now, 3 or 4 hours have passed and I'm happy!  I've removed myself from the routine elements of my normal day and have spent a day doing something that relaxes my mind.
7.  I'm heading back home now and I'm in the best mood from taking my mental dump.  I needed it and when I have to take it down, I don't play, because I know that feeling well mentally is just as important as feeling well physically. 
8.  I don't deprive myself.  Don't deprive yourself.  Take a mental dump, enjoy it and make it totally about "you"!