Tuesday, October 14, 2014

My Thought for Today: Time...Flip the Script

Time is something that there will never be enough of but you always get more! Check out my thought for today....

Today I was encouraged to share a thought with you that started out as a thought that was intended for myself.  It was a long weekend for me as it may have been for others, so with that said, today felt like it was Monday and not Tuesday, when I woke up, washed up and got myself prepared for the day.  I have to admit, I was kind of grumpy and annoyed that the long weekend had went by so fast.  It seems like I was just getting started before it had to end.  Anyone feel that way today?  Well, I had to flip the script on myself!  Have you ever had someone flip the script on you and act like they didn't know they did it? I have and it really made me mad.  Well, imagine how it feels when you have to flip the script on yourself. It's kind of hard to get mad at "you"....lol!

I must of spent one hour feeling disgusted about my weekend going by so fast and then suddenly I started thinking that it was a pretty good weekend, overall.  I had an opportunity to meet with some folks this weekend that I didn't know I would be having conversations with.  I was out exploring and networking when I didn't plan to.  It was wonderful.  I shared some of my ideas about my blog site and ways that I wanted to expand to gain a larger audience and I also had a chance to share some decorating tips and ideas with friends.  Basically, after I really thought about it, I discovered my weekend went fast because I was having fun!!  I think I wanted to stay in that fun mode and I couldn't.

Why am I sharing this today?  Well, sometimes we get so caught up in complaining that we seem to overlook all the good, in some things we encounter.  The weekend may have gone by quickly but it was a productive weekend.  I spent some quality time in church and received inspiring messages that will carry me through all week long. Again, when I thought about the quality of my weekend, I had to flip the script on myself and realize that I was complaining because I just wanted more time.  Sometimes, we are our worst enemy and this lines up with what I have posted in the past, "encouraging yourself"  when there is no one else that can, but you. 

Flip that script and find the good in all your encounters and endeavors.  Tomorrow is another day and soon after, the weekend will be here again. Make the best out of today!  Time keeps ticking!!