Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Sweet Guest Suites: How to Make Your Guest Room Simple & Chic

Guests are coming to town and you had no advanced notice!  I know exactly what that feels like and guess what? I have a few ideas for a quick makeover that you can get done in a few hours and have extra time to get dinner on the table, long before they arrive! 

If you have a bed already, that can save you some money with your makeover but if not, you can still find some really good buys online that won't break your bank!  I've shared some photos below of essential pieces of furniture that complete a sweet guest suite.  They can all be purchased from Wayfair.com, which is one of my favorite online shopping sites for home ideas and d├ęcor.  They are also the featured home online shop, for HGTV.

Once you have these furniture pieces, you can begin to decorate the room with a colorful solid or print comforter set, that is cheerful and welcoming.  Shop your local Marshalls, TJ Maxx or Kohl's for a few small pictures to go on the walls and depending on how many nightstands you decide to put in the room, a small table lamp or two will do.  Many times, a single night stand is sufficient in a guest bedroom. Lighting is also important, just in case your guests want to read.  For a special touch, you can layer a few popular magazines in a wicker basket and place it near the nightstand for guests to browse through.  

Don't forget to spruce up the bathroom, if there is one in the guest suite or nearby.  It's a good idea to use the same colors, as in the bedroom, so the colors flow well from one room to the next.  Pick out vibrant color bath towels, washcloths and bath rugs, to bring out the brightness of the bathroom.  Make sure you have plenty of  the "must have" bath items, stocked for your guests to use. 

If you don't have window treatments up yet, you can purchase some white mini blinds for little cost and no curtains will be necessary.  White mini blinds provide a clean and complete look.  As far as the floor covering, if your guest room is not carpeted, then you may want to purchase small area rugs to place on both sides or one side of the bed so your guests are not stepping out onto bare floors!

Any small touches you can add to the guest suite will make your company feel warm and at home, for sure.  Think of things you would like to have, if you were visiting with someone in their home. I always make up a small guest basket for friends and family that stay.  I include all the essential things like washcloths, towels, socks, mints, shampoo, body soap, lotion, toothpaste, extra toothbrushes, shower cap and a "welcome to our home" and "please make yourself at home" handmade greeting card. 

Have you ever heard of that line, "May you come as guests but leave as friends"?  Well, that's for the couple that is staying with you that perhaps came with the couple that you already know!  You want them to feel comfortable and at home, as well.  

Sweet guest suites are always remembered and never forgotten because one thing for sure is that they will be back to visit!  Have fun with your quick makeover project.  Remember to add color and don't be safe!  Go for it.  Adding color works and it always makes a room pop!  

Here's a few ideas below. Happy Hosting!!
My Guest Room! Simple and Chic ♡♡♡♡♡
Wayfair.com Bed framing is less than $250.00

Wayfair.com  Bed framing is less than $250.00

Wayfair.com Bed framing is less than $250.00

Wayfair.com Nightstand is less than $100.00 and comes in two shades

Wayfair.com Matching dresser chest comes in two shades and cost is less than $211.00

Wayfair.com Accent mirror cost less than $150.00  This will add the pop effect to your guest suite!

Wayfair.com  Accent Mirror (bolder color) cost less than $150.00