Wednesday, October 8, 2014

CLOSED: 4 Entrepreneur Stories will Post on Thursday, 30 Oct 14

Hi there!  It's been over 1 month since I launched my post on the quest for 4 entrepreneurs that I hoped would share their inspiring stories. Well, it happened!  I have 4 stories that will post by the end of this month.  These four individuals are entrepreneurs, bloggers and individuals that are chasing their dreams...still.  They have committed to interviewing with and I am excited!   

I know you will be amazed and inspired by what they will share.  My hope is that when this post is made public, it will encourage many, to continue chasing their dreams and to stay in the race! 

Keep following because I will be posting these stories on Thursday, October 30, 2014. There is more to learn more about these wonderful and amazing individuals, when their stories are posted.  For now, below are the business topics they will be speaking to. 

Thanks in advance for joining in, soon, to share in a personal side of and  a personal thank you to the entrepreneurs that will be sharing...I appreciate it and am so excited to write and post your stories on my blog site!

"Exploring, Connecting & Sharing so we can all help each other".  Thank you.



Our Entrepreneurs :

1.  Artist/Ceramics Sculptor
2.  Beauty Consultant
3.  Sports Writer/Blogger

4.  Fashion Screen Printer