Sunday, October 5, 2014

Update to My LOFT101.NET Office: PHASE ONE


Yay!  My office space is almost cleaned out and ready for Phase One!  I just picked up a photo board for the office vision board (Michael's Crafts), I will be creating this week.  Do you remember I told you that when you begin creating a vision board, there will be quite a few options for you to choose from to actually display your thoughts for your project? Well, here's a different choice shown on the first photo, up top.  I chose to use this wooden photo clip frame, for my office project vision board because I plan to hang it on my wall in my office after the project is completed.  It will be a great memory to reflect back on, once the office is completed! 

I finally moved all of my shoes, candles and miscellaneous stuff out of the middle of the floor and now I have plenty of room to move around and finish cleaning up.  I know it's been awhile since I've posted updates on my office project but I've been so busy with sharing other good ideas, I kind of got sidetracked (not a good thing).  I'm getting back on track now and it's looking good!  

Remember, logistically, I was suppose to set a start and finish date?   Well, if I can remember, I did not establish a finish date!  Shame on!! I will establish a finish date today and let you know what it is, the next time I update you on this project.  Key note: It's important to establish your start and finish project dates, because of this very reason.  I got sidetracked and if I don't set a finish date for myself, I will continue to get sidetracked and I will never finish this project!  That's why the logistics process is so important, because it keeps you present and focused on the commitment you made, to yourself!

I will also be posting that craft project I promised on the "favor full of fluff", later today.  This is the first craft DIY project, of a series of craft projects, I will be sharing with you, over the next 3 months. 

Oh well, that's all I have for now.  I hope you are enjoying your weekend and having fun!  Thanks for stopping by, keep following and be sure to subscribe to receive my Newsletter so you don't miss my latest post.  It's free to subscribe, so join today.  Thanks much!