Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm thinking of you and wanted to wish all of you a blessed holiday!  I received some replies to the "What Are You Thankful For" post I sent out last week and I'm sharing the messages below!  Thanks to each of you for taking time to share with!  I know how busy you are, so I truly appreciate you sending in your messages.  They were a blessing to read! 

Enjoy your time with family and friends and needless to say, enjoy all of the good food that was prepared for this Thanksgiving Day! Remember others that are less fortunate than you and I, mention them in your prayers and ask God to continue to keep them in His care.  Many blessings to you!

What Are You Thankful For?

I'm thankful my past is over.  I'm living in my future.

I'm thankful for my family being in good health. I'm thankful to belong to a church where we have opportunities to grow spiritually and fellowship with one another.

I'm thankful for good health!  I'm capable of making my own decisions.  Thank God!

This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for God's grace, mercy, and favor for good health within my family.

I'm thankful that God has got me by the hand and keeps me in good health.  I am thankful for my family and that they care so much about me!

I am so very thankful for my health, my family, the special people in my life, "for all of you", my church family and the opportunities that God continues to give me! 

Monday, November 24, 2014

My Thought For Today: My Real Holiday Heartache Moment

My Heartache Moment
I've got a heart that's been broken
and seriously, I'm not joking. 
The loss I endured
has never been cured
and the heartache destroyed
my emotions.

Can I share my holiday heartache with you?  Although, I have been decorating and crafting a lot the last few weeks, preparing for Thanksgiving and Christmas, my heart is heavy as I begin to think of the loved ones in my family, that are no longer here.  It's amazing to me sometimes, how I can still laugh and smile.  The hole in my heart from losing my father a few years ago has never healed.  Everything that excites me about Christmas is because of my Dad.  He loved Christmas and his spirit was contagious!  When I was a little girl, my father and I would set the tree up and decorate it.  I would help him decorate the entire house.  My entire family loves Christmastime because of his spirit and the ritual he created for myself and my siblings.  Many times, my Mother jumped right in there too but it was my Dad that spearheaded the holiday decorating in our house.

This time of the year is tough for many of us because we all have our own stories to tell. What a wonderful season & time of the year until you realize you are experiencing a real, holiday heartache moment.  Somehow it just blurs all of the holiday beauty that surrounds us. Yes, my father was a champion to me.  A heavyweight that never stop fighting.  A friend like no other in my life.  I miss him dearly and my tears and feelings of him not being here with me, with us, with my mother, is as fresh today, as it was when he passed away, a few years ago.  I celebrate Christmas, remembering my Dad and when I start holiday decorating and doing things that he did and that we did together, my heart gets a little happy! 

I shared this post because it's "real life", for me, especially during this time of the year. I know from my experience that just because the holidays are here, doesn't mean everyone is happy.  So, I thought maybe someone might be feeling like me, sad a little bit, some days, during this holiday time. 

I know its not easy and when you feel sad in that moment, remember you are not alone.  God is there for each of us.  I believe that.  Know that there are many hearts out there that are aching and missing their loved ones too. We are never alone.  They are right here with us, forever in our hearts...

Have a blessed holiday!


Friday, November 21, 2014

Christmastime Is Here! Decorating & Relayering Your Wall Ladder for the Holidays

As I begin to think about how fast the days of the month are going by, I'm also beginning to think about recipes, snowy weather, decorating, cookies, cooking and friends and family visiting.  I love wall ladders and I think I shared that with all of you before.  This ladder is near my kitchen and I keep my cookbooks on it but during certain holidays, I use this wall ladder to display a scenery for that time of the year.

I've shared photos of these same decorations with you on another post last week.  I dressed my table for a dinner party with these hurricane lanterns and I decorated my mantel with the white beaded garland I show with the lights.  Well, this is where I have decided to use these items.  I've added some lights for a special effect and I love them on my ladder! When the lights are off, it is really pretty and romantic... 

I guess, I just wanted to say that you can use your holiday decorations all over your house and eventually you will find a place that you really would like to show them off for the holiday season.  The trees will be going up soon but for now,  re-layering  my decorations that I already have is so much fun because its basically like recycling your old stuff and being creative with organizing it so it looks like new!!!  Stay warm!!!


DIY Holiday Craft Day 5: Just For You... Bead Bands

Well, it's Day 5 and as I promised, this homemade craft gift is just for you!  It's simple, its DIY101 and you can be as creative as you want.   Don't worry, you don't have to be an expert at beading either. I call these my Bead Bands.  The only items you need to make these bands are assorted beads and elastic twine (you should have a spool of this from the mason jar craft we did on Day 3). 

It's so simple to create these bands and you can wear them, display them or give them away as gifts!  No need for me to give "how to" directions for this craft because it's all about you and "just for you"!  Be creative, invite the girls over and let everyone get involved with creating some bead bands for a gift exchange amongst all of you. 

Have fun, enjoy and thanks so much for following all week long as I shared some holiday craft ideas that I know your friends and family will absolutely love!  I hope I have shared some craft ideas that you can use to help save money on some of your Christmas shopping.  I'll be sharing lots more as we approach Christmas Day, so I hope you will subscribe to, continue to follow and share my site with your friends and family.  Happy TGIF!!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

DIY Holiday Craft Day 4: Making Homemade Gifts Shopping At The Dollar Store! Glittery Pretty Pinecones


Hi There!

It's Day 4 and I'm almost to the finish line!  Check out the "before" and "after" photos.  I created a craft with everything on the table! 

Today I made a glittery pinecone in a clay pot that will look absolutely gorgeous no matter where you sit it at.  Again, this is another gift that can double as a table favor.  Just add some quick name tags using cardstock, scalloped scissors and a gold metallic pen to print the names.  Punch a hole in the tag and add a piece of ribbon and you have created a table favor for your dinner party guests.  The pinecones were that last thing on the table that I had to work with and here's what I came up with.  Let's get started...


STEP 1:  Here's What You Need:

Small Styrofoam Ball
Red Craft Paint
A Pinecone
Ribbon (I use red ribbon for this project but you can use silver as shown also)
Small artist paint brush
A medium clay pot
A sponge brush
Sea foam sponge
White Craft paint
Tacky Glue

STEP 2:  Apply Tacky glue to pinecone using the artist brush.  Apply it generously to all areas of the pinecone.

STEP 3:  Next sprinkle glitter onto your pinecone.  Concentrate on the areas that have the glue.  Apply generously.

STEP 4:  This is how your pinecone should begin to look.  Keep sprinkling!  After you are done, set aside to dry.

STEP 5:  Now, begin painting your clay pot.  Use the red paint first and apply with the sponge brush. 

STEP 6:  This is how your clay pot should look when done.

STEP 7:  Now, take your sea foam sponge and with you white craft paint, very lightly, begin to sponge paint over top of the red paint.  This will begin to have a blended effect.

STEP 8:  Ok.  Continue using the sea foam sponge, but dip it into the red paint and very lightly, sponge the red paint over the white that you just completed.  This will softened the application and create a creamy red & white effect.

STEP 9:  With your sponge brush, paint the brim of the pot with the red craft paint, all the way around.

STEP 10:  Next, apply glue to your Styrofoam ball and place it in the bottom of the pot.  Apply more glue on top of the ball and around the sides of inside of the clay pot.

STEP 11:  Place your pinecone in the pot.

STEP 12:  Cut a length of ribbon to fit around the brim of the pot.  I used adhesive ribbon because it makes it easier sometimes to attach but you can use a ribbon of your choice and take a glue stick and apply it to the back part of your ribbon first, then apply it to your pot.

Done!  Congratulations.  You did a nice job!!  

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

DIY Holiday Craft Day 3: Making Homemade Gifts Shopping At The Dollar Store! Sugar & Spice & Everything Nice

Ok.  Check out the table I showed you on Monday!  Its hump day Wednesday and I'm feeling good about my promise to share a creative, homemade craft idea with you for 5 days straight!  So far, this is what I have completed.  You are about to learn how to make the craft idea for the small mason jars I showed you on Monday.  Remember?  That was one of the Dollar Store items that was on the craft table I showed you.  Oh yea, remember seeing the Christmas ornaments on the table too?  Well, I'm creating a homemade craft today that include both the mason jars and the ornaments.  They are lovely and they are called Sugar & Spice & Everything Nice! 

Do you want to know why I call them that? (smile & say  Well, these small mason jars can hold products from the kitchen to the powder room!  Personally, we use them for our spices and rubs.  I make my own rubs and I will be sharing some of my own recipes with you during the holidays as you season your turkey for Thanksgiving and other poultry, beef or fish, throughout the holidays.  My spices stay so fresh in these jars.  But check this out, here's another thing I use them you ever buy the small sugar dots?  They are the little cube sugars that you can plop into your hot coffee or tea!  Yes, they fit perfectly in these miniature mason jars.

It's your choice.  They are just big enough to store your homemade scrub you mix up for that special spa time and small enough to fit on the corner of the bathtub ledge without taking up space.  I love them and guess what?  I'm going to hook you up with a decorative idea so that you can give them away for the holidays. 

You can purchase them in the dollar store individually or you can purchase 12 in a box for $9.99 in your grocery store.  No, you can't beat that deal @ $9.99, that's like 83 cents a person, for 12 gifts.  The ornaments came from the Dollar Store too and you get 3 in a box for 1$ and they are really nice!  This homemade gift is a winner and here's how you can make it.  Let's get started....


STEP 1:  Here's what you need:


Miniature mason jars (Dollar store or Grocery Store)

Decorative craft and/or fabric tape (craft store)

Christmas ornaments (Dollar Store)

Ribbon (craft store)

Silver elastic twine (craft store)

Gold stickers that say "Homemade"  (get these from Wal-Mart in the section that sells stuff on how to make homemade candy)

STEP 2:  Add craft or fabric tape around the bottom of the jar until one end meets the other.

STEP 3:  Add ribbon above the craft or fabric tape.  Again, until one end meets the other.

STEP 4:  Tie a knot in the ribbon, cut and tape down (I use the ribbon that has the self-adhesive on the inside as you can see in this photo but if you don't have this type, use clear tape.)

STEP 5:  Now, get your ornament.

STEP 6:  Cut the string off the ornament.

STEP 7:  Replace the string that you cut off with the silver elastic twine.  Tie a knot into it. 

STEP 8:  Attach it to the jar.  It will fit like a rubber band because its elastic!

STEP 9:  Add your sticker on the top of the jar.

STEP 10:  That's it!  You did it and look how nice these are!!
Now you can fill them with something special for gift giving or you can gift them away, as is.  They will not be empty for long and what makes this gift so special is that it's "Homemade" and your label proves it (smile)...Good job!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

DIY Holiday Craft Day 2: Making Homemade Gifts Shopping At The Dollar Store! Wrapped, Chilled & Cheers

Are you ready?  I'm pulling the miniature apple cider bottles off the table for our Day 2 (Tuesday) homemade craft!  This gift is a pretty presentation and useful too.  The bottles are
wrapped in red linen dinner napkins, adorned with a white jingle bell.  The puff is to give the impression of a beautiful red rose.  This gift can double as table favors also for your Christmas dinner party.  

Follow the illustrations below and it's truly an original DIY101 craft project that literally takes 7 min to decorate each bottle! Have fun...Happy Holidays and Cheers from! 

A Personal Note From Deb:  Any questions, email me...I want you to try making this craft by looking at the pictures. I want you to begin learning how to create by simply looking at something when you don't have the step by step can do it!  I want to teach as well as encourage you to trust your abilities to be will surprise yourself of how skilled you really are and I'm right here to help you, so really can do it!!  Send me a comment...I would love to hear from you! !

Introducing you to something new. .♡

Much Love ♡...Deb

Day 2 (Tuesday):  Wrapped, Chilled & Cheers