Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A LOFT101.NET Before and After REFRESH Project: Assisting Cameron and Bell

Last month, Cameron and Bell, an amazing young couple that recently took a leap of faith into the home owenership arena, requested my assistance with decorating there new home for the holidays.  They have a beautiful Carriage Home, brand new and spacious!  The window treatments and hard wood floors are the focal point of their entry way into the rest of the home, with off white furniture that perfectly compliments the dark wood of both the blinds and hard wood floors!

The basic decor foundation of this home is in place and the current selections are stunning! My recommendation changed their initial project from fully decorating to simpy refreshing, simply because much of what they need, is in the area of colors and accessories.  After the initial consultation, I accessed what they needed and from there, they are now in the shopping phase, researching  for products that will give them the best bang for their buck!  After they have completed shopping, they will begin the REFRESH phase but in the meantime, check out their BEFORE photos, below

This couple is introducing themselves to new things and daring to be different by taking a swing at REFRESHING their home on their own, now that LOFT101.net has given them a jump start!  Check back for their MEANTIME and AFTER photos, as they begin to transform their living room, dining room and bar corner from basic to brilliant! 

Good Luck Cameron and Bell, we are cheering you on and can't wait to see the outcome!! 


Entry Way Accent Wall

Living Room Loveseat

Living Room Sofa

Fireplace Mantel

Bar Corner
Dining Room Accent Wall

Dining Room Area