Sunday, November 9, 2014

Craft Organizing: Making Use Of Mason Jars

Mason Jars have been around as long as I can remember!   Traditionally,  when we think of mason jars, we think of preserving fruits and vegetables.  Immediately,  I am reminded of back in the day when grandmothers and mothers would do something called canning, using mason jars.  My mom shared a story with me about my grandmothers's sister, my great aunt and how strawberries, apples, pears and peaches were just a few preservatives she enjoyed canning and storing for use at a later date.   

Well, being the craft enthusiast I am, I use mason jars for everything but preserves.  As you can see, mason jars have become a crafters BFF! Just ask a crafter "how many ways they could use a mason jar" and they will share a dozen of ideas with you!  I store craft tapes, craft scissors, ribbons, glitter, sponges, gift tags, brushes and so much more in mason jars. Maybe you're not a crafter but need more storage space for small trinkets, consider using mason jars.  The best part is that you can see right through them since they are glass!

Lastly, I use mason jars to create dry cookie recipes, in a jar.  I'll be making some for the holidays in a few weeks, so keep following for this DIY recipe project that is "all in one" and delicious...Happy Organizing!!