Friday, November 21, 2014

Christmastime Is Here! Decorating & Relayering Your Wall Ladder for the Holidays

As I begin to think about how fast the days of the month are going by, I'm also beginning to think about recipes, snowy weather, decorating, cookies, cooking and friends and family visiting.  I love wall ladders and I think I shared that with all of you before.  This ladder is near my kitchen and I keep my cookbooks on it but during certain holidays, I use this wall ladder to display a scenery for that time of the year.

I've shared photos of these same decorations with you on another post last week.  I dressed my table for a dinner party with these hurricane lanterns and I decorated my mantel with the white beaded garland I show with the lights.  Well, this is where I have decided to use these items.  I've added some lights for a special effect and I love them on my ladder! When the lights are off, it is really pretty and romantic... 

I guess, I just wanted to say that you can use your holiday decorations all over your house and eventually you will find a place that you really would like to show them off for the holiday season.  The trees will be going up soon but for now,  re-layering  my decorations that I already have is so much fun because its basically like recycling your old stuff and being creative with organizing it so it looks like new!!!  Stay warm!!!