Wednesday, November 12, 2014

DIY Craft Series (Weekend Five): How To Make A Silver Mesh Christmas Wreath

Hi There!

I'm coming your way today with another craft project and this one is another DIY101 but it takes time to make it just right
This holiday wreath is a beauty and everyone is going to ask you where you bought it from.  You only need 4 items and the rest is simple. 

This is a pretty wreath to make and you can choose to make it any color you wish.  I'm using silver because I love the sparkle.  Have fun and let's get started.  If you like it, share a comment at the end of this post.  As always, I would love to hear from "all" of you!!!  
Let's get started...

Much Love....Deb

What Do You Need: (shop your craft store for these):   

            Mesh Ribbon
            Glitter Pipe Cleaners
            Metal Wreath Form

STEP 1:  Fold mesh ribbon in half.  This is important, so keep it folded in half (doubled) as you work.

STEP 2:  Once you fold it in half, roll over one side to the other to create a half bow.

STEP 3:  Now, with your pipe cleaner, attach your half bow to the inside of the metal wreath form.  We will be working on the inside of the form for the first go round.

STEP 4:  Make sure its secure.

STEP 5:  Repeat.  Keep them flush together.  You should have a enough pipe cleaner remaining from the first one you did, to twist the next half bow.

STEP 6:  Keep going!  Repeat all the way around, adding bows and using pipe cleaners, to attach.  Remember, stay on the inside, for now.

STEP 7:  Looking good!  Keep going....After you complete the inside,  do the same on the outer edge of the wreath form.

STEP 8:  Done!  Your wreath should look like this, up to this point.

STEP 9:  Now, let's separate those folds we made.  Carefully pull apart the folds of the mesh to extend out the half bows.  This will create the fullness for your wreath.

STEP 10:  See how the fullness is coming into effect!  Beautiful!!!

STEP 11:  Congratulations!  You did it.  Too easy, right?  You just introduced yourself to something new and you have done a great job!!