Monday, November 17, 2014

DIY Holiday Craft Day 1: Making Homemade Gifts Shopping At the Dollar Store! Sweet Treats In A Box

Hi There,

You are going to love my posts for this week!  Each day, I will be showing you 5 homemade holiday craft gifts that you can make by shopping at the "Dollar Store."  Everything you see in this photo up top is from the Dollar Store!  Yes. It's possible to please everyone on your Christmas list and these homemade gifts I will be showing you this week, are amazing.  They will not only look like they cost more than what you spent but they will also demonstrate your skills in creativity.  You will not only be crafting but you will also be baking! 

Today, the first dollar deal is what I call Sweet Treats In A Box!  Keep following because tomorrow I will pull something else off that table, up top, to create another extraordinary homemade gift!  Can you guess what I will create tomorrow? There are 4 things left on the table for 4 more homemade gift ideas I will be sharing this week...pinecones, miniature mason jars, Christmas ball ornaments and miniature sparkling apple cider bottles.  

"Oh wow, did you just notice something?  There is nothing left on the table for the last day which is Friday!"

Of course there's a surprise!  No, I'm not showing you what I will be creating on Friday, yet. The last day, Day 5 of this week is a special craft idea that is just for you!  You will love it and its another original craft idea that I created for my followers at ♡...the last craft is just for you to make and for you to keep!  You won't want to give it away...stay tuned & keep following. .

*Remember, please give credit to if you decide to use any of these craft ideas this week, and of course you get all the credit for the hard work!!

Thanks much & I appreciate "you".



Day 1 (Monday): Sweet Treats In A Box

Chocolate Chip Cookies in a decorative Chinese box!  OMG... this is such a nice gift to give someone and its a sweet treat that most people like to eat around the Christmas holiday...cookies!  Make your favorite chocolate chip cookies and share them in this special way!  Let's get started....

Here's What You Need: (see photo below)
The Chinese boxes cost 1$ for a pack of 2 
The cookie cutters are 1$ for a pack of 4
The pipe cleaners are 1$ for a pack  
The tissue paper is 1$ for a pack 
The cellophane candy bags are 1$ for a pack 
The wide & thin wired ribbon is 1$ a roll (not shown/ optional)

 STEP 1:  Package your cookies into the cellophane bags.

STEP 2: Take two pipe cleaners, put them together and cut them down the middle to create 4 shorter pipe cleaners. 

STEP 3:  Twist pipe cleaners around each pack of cookies.

STEP 4:  Fill each box with one sheet of white tissue paper.

STEP 5: Put each pack of cookies in each box.

STEP 6:  Close the boxes.

STEP 7:  Cut 2 pieces of the wider wired ribbon (optional) and tape to the box as shown:  one piece up and down and one piece across the top.

STEP 8:  Tie the short piece of wide wired ribbon that is across the top, to create a small bow.  Very nice!!

STEP 9:  Now add a piece of thin wired ribbon (optional) to your cookie cutter.  Cut the ribbon enough to tie and attach to the box so that it can hang a little bit.

STEP 10:  Attach cookie cutter with ribbon to the top of the box. It can be tied to the wide ribbon, to attach.

STEP 11:  Done!  Curl thin wired ribbon with a pencil to create a curly effect.  That's it. *If you don't want to use ribbons as I mentioned, it is optional, you can tape the cookie cutter to the box as I have shown here with the green Christmas tree cutter.  I added thin curling ribbon for an extra effect but tape will hold your cookie cutter to the box also.

STEP 12:   Again...too easy, right? Congratulations!  The sweet treats are almost too pretty to unwrap!!  Yummy gift!