Tuesday, November 18, 2014

DIY Holiday Craft Day 2: Making Homemade Gifts Shopping At The Dollar Store! Wrapped, Chilled & Cheers

Are you ready?  I'm pulling the miniature apple cider bottles off the table for our Day 2 (Tuesday) homemade craft!  This gift is a pretty presentation and useful too.  The bottles are
wrapped in red linen dinner napkins, adorned with a white jingle bell.  The puff is to give the impression of a beautiful red rose.  This gift can double as table favors also for your Christmas dinner party.  

Follow the illustrations below and it's truly an original LOFT101.net DIY101 craft project that literally takes 7 min to decorate each bottle! Have fun...Happy Holidays and Cheers from LOFT101.net! 

A Personal Note From Deb:  Any questions, email me...I want you to try making this craft by looking at the pictures. I want you to begin learning how to create by simply looking at something when you don't have the step by step text....you can do it!  I want to teach as well as encourage you to trust your abilities to be creative...you will surprise yourself of how skilled you really are and I'm right here to help you, so try...you really can do it!!  Send me a comment...I would love to hear from you! !

Introducing you to something new. .♡

Much Love ♡...Deb

Day 2 (Tuesday):  Wrapped, Chilled & Cheers