Thursday, November 20, 2014

DIY Holiday Craft Day 4: Making Homemade Gifts Shopping At The Dollar Store! Glittery Pretty Pinecones


Hi There!

It's Day 4 and I'm almost to the finish line!  Check out the "before" and "after" photos.  I created a craft with everything on the table! 

Today I made a glittery pinecone in a clay pot that will look absolutely gorgeous no matter where you sit it at.  Again, this is another gift that can double as a table favor.  Just add some quick name tags using cardstock, scalloped scissors and a gold metallic pen to print the names.  Punch a hole in the tag and add a piece of ribbon and you have created a table favor for your dinner party guests.  The pinecones were that last thing on the table that I had to work with and here's what I came up with.  Let's get started...


STEP 1:  Here's What You Need:

Small Styrofoam Ball
Red Craft Paint
A Pinecone
Ribbon (I use red ribbon for this project but you can use silver as shown also)
Small artist paint brush
A medium clay pot
A sponge brush
Sea foam sponge
White Craft paint
Tacky Glue

STEP 2:  Apply Tacky glue to pinecone using the artist brush.  Apply it generously to all areas of the pinecone.

STEP 3:  Next sprinkle glitter onto your pinecone.  Concentrate on the areas that have the glue.  Apply generously.

STEP 4:  This is how your pinecone should begin to look.  Keep sprinkling!  After you are done, set aside to dry.

STEP 5:  Now, begin painting your clay pot.  Use the red paint first and apply with the sponge brush. 

STEP 6:  This is how your clay pot should look when done.

STEP 7:  Now, take your sea foam sponge and with you white craft paint, very lightly, begin to sponge paint over top of the red paint.  This will begin to have a blended effect.

STEP 8:  Ok.  Continue using the sea foam sponge, but dip it into the red paint and very lightly, sponge the red paint over the white that you just completed.  This will softened the application and create a creamy red & white effect.

STEP 9:  With your sponge brush, paint the brim of the pot with the red craft paint, all the way around.

STEP 10:  Next, apply glue to your Styrofoam ball and place it in the bottom of the pot.  Apply more glue on top of the ball and around the sides of inside of the clay pot.

STEP 11:  Place your pinecone in the pot.

STEP 12:  Cut a length of ribbon to fit around the brim of the pot.  I used adhesive ribbon because it makes it easier sometimes to attach but you can use a ribbon of your choice and take a glue stick and apply it to the back part of your ribbon first, then apply it to your pot.

Done!  Congratulations.  You did a nice job!!