Friday, November 7, 2014

How To Make An Easy Holiday Centerpiece: Christmas Bells, Balls & Bows

48 days until Christmas!  Yes, we are less than 7 weeks away from the Christmas holiday.  I have an easy centerpiece you can make in literally 8-10 minutes.  You can probably create it in less time than that.  I also share with you, where to purchase everything and approximately how much it will cost to make it. This is too easy!  Let's get started...  

Much Love,

Here's What You Need:

Glass Bowl (Medium size-you can get this at Marshalls, TJ Maxx or Home Goods for $8.00)  $8.00 total

2 fillable plastic Christmas ornaments/2 tubes of glitter (you can purchase these from any craft store for $2.00 each.  Purchase the tubes of glitter from there also for $1.00 each and fill each ornament with one color of each glitter) $6.00 total

2 Jingle Bells (I picked these bells up from Pier One for $1.00 each but the dollar store probably has them also.  Get a silver and a gold bell to compliment the other colors in the arrangement)  $2.00 total

6 Glitter Wicker Balls Ok.  This is a great buy for Pier One!  These balls are $2.00 a piece and they come in green, red, blue, brown, silver and gold.  (Now colors may vary from store to store, but check it out to be sure.)  $12.00 total

2 Rolls of Wired Ribbon  Christmas ribbon is on sale now and the best place to get it is at the dollar store!  Glitter ribbon looks beautiful with this arrangment we are making, so if you can find glitter ribbon in 2 colors that will compliment your balls, go with that! They should cost you about $1.00 for each roll and you wil have plenty of ribbon remaining, for wrapping Christmas gifts!  $2.00 total

STEP 2:  Layer your balls in your bowl.

STEP 3:  Add your two plastic glittered filled ornaments.

STEP 4:  Tie a piece of ribbon around the gold and silver jingle bells to create a nice, puffy knot, that is not tight, but loose.  Allow the tails of the ribbon to flow. Being that the ribbon is wired, you can easily bend it on the ends to make it have a curl effect.  Just have fun doing this, no right or wrong way to do!

STEP 5:  Now cut another piece of that same ribbon you used to tie the jingle bells together and place it in the bowl, by itself, so that it simply flows, in a curl effect (like moving with the wind!).  We are now beginning to decorate our centerpiece and add elegance!  It's all about the ribbons are about to get creative!!!

STEP 6: Lastly, cut a piece of ribbon from the second roll you have and again place it in the bowl gracefullly so that it flows, softening the look of the arrangment, even more. Here's two different looks for you to try. 

-The first photo, the ribbon is simply placed inside the bowl.
-The second photo, I actually made a bow using both ribbon colors.  Look closely, you can actually see where I created that bow effect. did great!  Now set it out on your table for everyone to see..they are going to love your work!