Tuesday, November 4, 2014

My Thought For Today: Knowing When To Take Good Advice

I can remember a few years ago, I was given some good advice that I never forgot.  You know, throughout our lifetime, we hear so many things, have so many conversations and spend a fair amount of time alone, that only a small amount of what we hear or experience, ever really stays with us.  You feel me?

Every now and then, I hear something that I can really identify with, in my life.  Someone told me one time: The best way to stay marketable, as a professional, is to carve out a niche and invest yourself in it.  Truly, that was some of the best advice I had ever received.  It's been the one source of encouragement that I lean on, when I've wanted to give up on something that I really believed in!  It's not an easy thing to do but it can be done.  I did it when I worked in corporate, so well, that I became more of a threat than an asset to the company.

After the experience of being burned in the corporate world,  I still use that advice but differently.  I am now carving out and improving on my niche, to invest myself in me! What do I mean?  Well, when you work hard for you and you invest yourself in what you have a skill, gift, talent and passion for, then you are making yourself more marketable for your own business.  It's called reinventing yourself. Always remember, if everything you set out to do was easy, then everybody would be doing it!!

Good advice goes a long way but what you do with it, is up to you! Be your best that God wants you to be...