Monday, November 10, 2014

Update to My Office Project: Functionality & Style Of My Office Furniture Selections

Hi There!

I'm making progress and I'm getting excited!  Yay!!!!!  I've selected and ordered my furniture for my Office project and wanted to share the photos with you.  All of my selections are part of the Martha Stewart Living Collection.  This furniture, in my opinion, is the very best that you can find for a hobbyist, crafter, decorator, designer, seamstress or scrapbooker!  This furniture is heavy duty wood and designed to allow for a larger workspace, than the average office desk.  The added features like the cubby holes, wooden dowels to hold wrapping paper and ribbons, deep drawers and extended heights, really cater to my interest & profession as an interior decorator/crafter.  Additionally, the color selections are great and it's open stock.

These photos are courtesy of the Martha Stewart Living Collection.  They are not photos, because my hubby and I still have to put my furniture together (fun, fun fun!) but I wanted to paint the room first, so the furniture assembly is on hold, right now.  Once it's assembled, I will share photos with you as I move along with the overall decorating project. 

This is the initial phase of my project and soon, I will be moving to the next phase, which is painting the walls.  It's going to be fun, so keep following...I need your support  ;-)!!

Will be sharing my Vision Board with you very soon before paint selections!  You will see pictures of this furniture on my board!

Courtesy Photo:  Martha Stewart Living Collection
My Craft Space Corner Desk
I selected a gray desk because I absolutely love this color and it will blend in perfectly with any paint colors I decide on. The top of the desk is large and functional for the work that I do as an interior decorator and crafter.  I always need plenty of room, to spread stuff out.  It's a space saver too, as you can see, it will fit flush, in a corner wall of my office.  I love the cubby holes for extra space to store those mason jars I showed you in my last post!  The front drawers are also deep enough to store addtional craft tools I have. 

Courtesy Photo:  Martha Stewart Living Collection
My Craft Space Three-Drawer Cabinet

This piece of furniture is just what I wanted.  It is so functional.  It has plenty of drawers for storage and the open space at the bottom is perfect for my Cricut die-cutting machine and my Cuttle Bug Embosser.  It really provides space beyond my expectations that will allow me to craft and create projects, neat and comfortably.  Just knowing I have this extra work station, inspires me to expand on my creative ideas! I chose the white finish because white is classic, compliments any shade or color and will never grow old or dated!

Courtesy Photo:  Martha Stewart Living Collection
My Craft Space Wrap & Ribbon Hutch

Ok..hands down...I have to be honest, this piece is what really sold me on selecting this entire line of office furniture.  This hutch is a gift from heaven, for me!  It holds, wrapping paper, packing paper, tissue paper, ribbons, paints, clips, gift tags and just about any craftmanship items you have!  I like it because it will allow me to create my craft and decorating station, the way that I want to.  I will have my wrapping paper and my ribbons handy, on spools, when I need them.   I already have in mind, what I plan to do with this piece.  I love it and have wanted something like this, for a long time!