Thursday, December 18, 2014

8 Day Christmas Menu: Day 2 - Rubs & Seasonings

Hi ;-) we go again!  Day 2 into our Christmas Menu and we are about to get busy!  Are you with me?  Are you following?  I hope so because I'm keeping everything 101 just like my motto but each day we will kick it up just a little bit.  I'm also using that item again, that I love so much...mason jars!!  I'm using small ones this time.
Today, I have prepared the rubs and seasonings I plan to use on my poultry for Christmas Day.  We will be frying a turkey and the seasonings I'm sharing with you are to die for when rubbing down your bird!  These rubs and seasonings are good with beef, pork, lamb, chicken or turkey.  
I've got another resource that is a winner and keep reading because I'm talking and sharing a lot of good stuff with you!!!

I have had this little book in my collection for about 5 years or more and I use it all the time.  The recipes for these rubs and seasonings are awesome and as you learn the flavors, you will become created with using them, as I have.
Please purchase this book!!  It's called Gifts in a Bag, Rubs & Seasonings distributed by CQ Products and its another one of those books that works also as a craft resource for me.  I use to make these rubs and package/jar them for gifts.  Sometimes, I would just give them away because people loved the flavorings.  It was too easy to make and a delight to share!  They keep for 6 months after you make them and trust me, they will be gone long before then!  I make a mean spaghetti with extra virgin olive oil and the Cucina Italia Rub mixed in..haha!!  OMG!!!  The flavoring is ridiculous and I don't need meat or sauce to make it taste better because it's just plain old good with the olive oil and the blends of seasonings from this rub (great vegetarian meal).  
Check out the photos below of my favorites from this book and how the ingredients come together as one spice is added after another.  I've provided a photo above also, of everything I used to make these four seasonings and rubs.  Don't forget to wash and air dry your mason jars before you start.  

So, purchase the book, follow the instructions for the rubs and seasonings you choose to make and store them away for 6 months, for use!  We are moving on to item #3 tomorrow and you do not want to miss the recipe I will be sharing for the mini quiches!  We are making, baking and freezing them for the holiday party in a few days, so keep following and keep preparing your menu. 

Hang in there with me!  Come Christmas Day, you will appreciate the extra time you are going have to spend with your family and friends because of the planning & make-ahead efforts you are doing this week.  I promise you....much love!

Greek Seasoning Rub

Cucina Italia Rub
Bayou Blast Rub

Ragin' Cajun Rub

Pour dry seasoning/rub into mason jar.
Using a P-touch home and hobby label maker, type and print a label and apply it to the jar.  You will need to print 2 labels, one with the name of the seasoning and the other with the date that you prepared it.  Put the label of the seasoning on the front of the jar and apply the label with the date onto the bottom of the jar (shelf life is six months).


Lastly, apply your gold "Homemade" sticker and you are done!

Store them away for easy use or make extras and give  away for gifts.  They make great gifts and I guarantee you, someone will want the recipes!!