Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Decorating At Home For The Holidays: Awesome Way To Express the Message Of Christmas

I'm introducing you to something new, innnovative and stylish for your "home for the holidays" decor...

Hi There!

It seems like forever sinced I've blogged!  I too, have been busy with cleaning my home and pulling out the decorations that we plan to use this year, so I feel disconnected from all of you, just a little bit!  However, "I'm back"!!!!  The cleaning is done and the messages are being displayed in our home first, of what the Christmas holiday truly means to us. 

I absolutely fell in love with the company that creates these ornaments I'm sharing with you on this post.  The company is called Coton Colors!  The company was founded by Laura Johnson, an artist that was inspired by the celebrations of her own life.  Her work is not only creative and colorful but it is so inspiring!  This company celebrates life through artistry and my husband and I are big fans of her work! 

We are beginning to build a collection of the Coton Colors Christmas ornamental balls in our own home by purchasing at least one ornament a year.  We started this venture last year and this year we purchased 2 of them. They start at $20.00 and up, so it can be an expensive if you plan to purchase two or more at one time.  It makes for a lovely gift also, but trust me, when you purchase one, you will want to keep it for yourself, so buy two, if you plan to give one away! 

The message on some of the ornaments really stops you in the moment to remember exactly what the reason is for the season.  I'm proud to "express the message" of Christmas in our home by displaying the Coton Colors collection. They are really nice, so check out their site when you can at

Take a look at the 3 ornaments we have in our home (1 photo up top and 2 photos on the bottom). 

Tty soon, I promise & Merry Christmas!!